Thursday, June 18, 2009

I need a change. A BIG one!

I have tried to become a runner dozen of times. I’ve started numerous blogs to document my journey and managed to keep a couple of them going for a few weeks. But then something always seems to interrupt my running aspirations and it’s always hard to get back on the wagon, and then my poor blog dies a slow, lonely death before I shame-facedly decided to kill it off permanently. Failure, once again.

I am hoping beyond all hopes that this blog doesn’t end up like those previous blogs... in the mysterious blog grave yard where all the forgotten and discarded blogs lay their heads. I hope that I don’t give up and that I do achieve my running and fitness goals.

Who am I? My name is Katie. I am 19 years old and live in Palmerston North in my beautiful country of New Zealand. I am studying at Massey University, completing a foundations course before I study Vet Nursing.

At school, I was never one of the really sporty ones but I wasn’t a completely sportless (I think I just invented a new word) person. I played Netball for years and dabbled in Soccer and Tennis. When I was 14, I saved up and bought a horse and started competing him in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage. My body lost its baby fat and my muscles toned up but my cardio fitness was always below par. I would huff and puff my way through netball games and struggled to keep up on team runs. I hated it.

When I realised my lack of cardio fitness was having a negative impact on the Cross Country phase of my Eventing, I decided to start running. I started the couch to 5k running program and managed to get about 3 ½ weeks into it before I stopped (I can’t remember why I did). That was the longest I lasted and the fittest I have ever been. I remember the day I ran 10 minutes straight for the first time. I was so proud. Now, I wonder how I will ever get that far again.

I’m starting this new blog because I need a change. Since deciding to sell my horse, I have become lazy and since starting University, I have been eating truck loads of crap. So I want to throw myself back into life and start turning my life around. I want to finally become a runner.


Denise said...

Stay connected with all of us runners who are blogging, it will be a great support system. You can do this and stick to it!! I can't wait to see you reach those goals you listed!

aron said...

I agree with Denise, the blogging community is so awesome and such a great support system. I often wonder where my running would be without it :) you can do it girl!!! make it a priority, make if fun, make it a habit, it will come :)