Sunday, June 28, 2009

Someone needs to lock me up!

I can’t believe it! I HAD A V AGAIN! I went out this morning to get meat for this weeks dinners and I managed to convince myself that I didn’t need one but then when I went out again to get some supplies for our family birthday, I bought one! Grrr. So now I have given my mum my eftpos cards until I head back down to Palmerston North, so I don’t have the means to buy it. Hopefully by the time I head back, I won’t need V anymore.


Erin C. said...

Don't be too frustrated, Katie. I think that your "V" is much like Red Bull, right? (I don't think they sell V over here in the States, but maybe it's just not available in my area). There's probably a ton of caffeine and sugar in there...and it takes a while to break your habit and need for it. I was really bad with diet pop---usually by 10 AM I would have two 1 liter bottles. I couldn't break that habit right away, so I started bit by bit. I began replacing pop with water. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you gradually work at it, you'll give it up. You'll have more natural energy, and you'll sleep better. Keep up with your running --- that will help you in the end!

Katie said...

Hey Erin! Yep V is like Red Bull (but tastes way better. Thanks for the advice! I didn't have a V yesterday and I am very proud of myself for it!

Lisa said...

I agree with Erin, give yourself a break. Going cold turkey with anything is hard. Cut down gradually and before you know it, your V habit will be an occasional splurge.

I just discovered your blog and I am looking forward to following your journey. Once you get that 5k under your belt, you'll be hooked!