Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting through a tough run

My last run got a bit tough part way through. Its pathetic really, I've only just started running and am barely running 2km but my lazy lazy self tries to take control.

Runners' Lounge compiled a list of tips from members to get through a tough run which you can view here.

Here are some of my favourite tips:

- Think about winning the lottery and all the things I would do with the money. All the people we would be able to help. I could hire a personal trainer that would run along beside me and yell like a drill sergeant to keep me going when I want to quit. Another thing I do when the road gets tough or hills get too steep, is keep telling myself that I am the one moving, not the road. I am capturing the road! Step by painful step, the road will not claim me because I am in charge and it just lays there!

- There is a trick a friend told me about that he called the Magnet Trick. You just look at an object in the distance and imagine that it is pulling you towards it. Just focus on it and try to imagine the pull. If you reach it or turn just choose a new magnet to focus on.

-I have many phrases I repeat over and over in my head (The faster you run the sooner you're done, strong and smooth, I can do this, etc.) (I like "The faster you run the sooner you're done")

Make sure you check out the rest of the tips :)


HEATHER said...

I'm going to try that magnet trick! I am battling with the brain vs. the body thing too right now!

Erin C. said...

Love the list! I have two tricks. First, my mantra: "strong, smooth, confident." Secondly, I will think about the race course, and think about crossing that finish line or catching and passing the person in front of me. Whatever works! As my coach says, we all have crappy running days. It says a lot about your character if you can work through them.

Katie said...

Thanks for the tip Erin!

Jen said...

Good tips! I like the lottery one, that could keep me busy for a while. It's amazing how much running seems to be mental, even though my body would beg to differ.