Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend...

Dear Junk Food,

We have to talk. You see, although our love affair has been going on for a long time, I am afraid I have to end it.

Its not you, it's me. (Actually that's a lie, it is you, but I was trying to make this easier on you)

Although you are completely delicious, satisfying and comforting you are also wreaking havoc on my teeth, fat stores and wallet. I just don't see how its going to work anymore.

Don't be too upset. Remember all the good times we had? All those BP pies and V's, the countless trips to McDonald's for cheeseburgers and frozen cokes, those sneaky missions to the supermarket for maltesers, tiny teddies and those strange but yummy Chinese noodle things. And don't forget all those delicious muffins, scones and biscuits that dominated the pantry.

Look, the truth is. I've moved on. If we're being truthful here, I should tell you. I... I cheated on you. I never thought I would be a cheater but I am. I've fallen in love with your arch enemy, Healthy Food. He rejuvenates me, he makes me feel like a new woman. He encourages me to better myself. I just feel stronger and happier when he's around.

Healthy Food's introduced me to his friends who are just amazing. Exercise, Water and Sleep always lift me up and treat me like I deserve. Your mates, Laziness, Tiredness and Gluttony always ridicule me and make me feel bad. I am a Princess, a Warrior and they don't treat me like I am. Dam it Junk Food, I deserve better!

Lets just make this easy. Don't call, don't write. I think we should make this a clean break. I'm too good to be a booty call, so don't even think about it.

Its time to move on Junk Food. To tell you the truth, I'm too good for you. And so is everyone else. Really, you should just become a hermit. Don't go looking for someone else. Its for the best really.

Goodbye Junk Food.

PS. Welcome to Dumpsville... Population: YOU


Liz said...

"I'm too good to be a booty call, so don't even think about it"....that just made my day! So glad I stumbled upon your blog. This is EXACTLY the post I needed to read this morning!

Lisa said...

Great post!! Good luck being strong. Don't go back...even when Healthy Food seems stale and boring. Keep the spice in your relationship!


aron said...

yay great post!!! itll make you feel so much better. when i do eat occasional junk it just makes me feel gross. great job :)

Katie said...

Lol thanks for the relationship advice Lisa! I am def looking forward to doing this :)